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January 23, 2009



Get off your duff and open a Duff! - that sounds like a great slogan for a beer company!

With great joy, I live close enough to Capitol Brewery in Madison to enjoy fresh beer in their own Beer Garden. They set out many picnic tables, invite a band to the open air stage, and allow picnic carry-ins. They allow smoking, and sell a few cigars, too. Families bring young children, and dancing in encouraged.

New Glarus Brewery is nearby, also world-class. And several small brew-pubs that only sell on-premises.

Let me know, if you need a base of operations for your pilgrimage to Southern Wisconsin!


I'll second Del on New Glarus beers. They are good. If you find your way into Milwaukee check out Sprecher brewery. Randy Sprecher was the first micro brewer in the city. I also highly recommend the fish fry and brewey tour at Lakefront Brewery. You get oom-pah music, a good meal and a short but well supplied tour. Sorry but I have no cheese related info :)

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