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December 17, 2008




Fortunately, "Person of the Year" (formerly "Man of the Year")is not quite a popularity contest. Adolf Hitler was "Person of the Century," you may recall.

A few years from now, when the adulation of Obama is lost to reality... a young person who survived will google "Events of 2008," seeking pictures for a collage of happenings in the year of her birth. And this old TIME cover of Obama will appear.

And innocently, the child will ask, "Did we used to like him?"

The Masked Chicken

Tim J.

Does typepad have a new registration service? I get asked to create a profile when I try to post at JA.org.

Sorry to post here. I can't there. If I must create a profile, then I cannot post anymore. The stupid ramifications of the Lori Drew case make posting under a handle now legally tenuous, at best.

The Chicken

The Chicken

Tim J.

"Does typepad have a new registration service?"

Man... not last time I checked.

It is doing a funny thing, though. I have always posted comments at JA.O as "Tim J.".

Now, even if I sign in as "Tim J.", I am listed as "Tim Jones" under my comment.

This may have something to do with your problem, but I can't say. At any rate, I'm not being asked to register there.

Sorry. :-(

I just noticed, though, that my own combox has just asked me to re-enter all my info, and the order of things was shuffled around somewhat. Perhaps they've been screwing with things, which is always a GREAT idea when everything is already running smoothly.

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