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December 18, 2008


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J.R. Stoodley

Ha ha! An excellent post to read when drinking wine and surfing the net at 2 in the morning.

The Masked Chicken

I hate to be a party pooper, but Belloc is writing very much for his times. Alcoholics, pregnant mothers, people taking most medications (especially mood-altering or blood pressure-altering ones), and those people having a few other rare medical conditions, should NEVER take wine or anything containing ethanol. Most of these conditions (pregnancy, aside) did not exist or were not known to Belloc or St. Paul, for that matter.
Pity the poor person on hypertensive medication who also has celiac disease and can't receive the sacred host.

The Chicken

Tim J.

True enough, and most people now know (as it has percolated through the culture) that alcohol - like other things - should be approached with a measure of caution.

It is the poetic sentiment behind Mr. Belloc's hyperbole that I cherish, though. The knowledge that life is much more than simply ticking off time, and that the Christian life is something much greater than the avoidance of sin... it is a kind of expansive, living fire.


Party Pooper indeed. Belloc's words aren't for a modern medical prescription and don't need the quickly spoken classifier at the end of the commercial. My only problem is that he neglects to mention the wonderful golden elixer known as beer.

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