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December 11, 2008


Paul S.

Ahhh...Christmas was Chesterton's forte.

An issue of emptiness. The secularist (and some Christians to be sure) tries to fill it with large ambitions, or other things. And he's told, come, let it be filled...with a child? A child?

Yes, to these it must seem condescending. The strange thing is, those happy folk around the Christmas fire (I use that picture here metaphorically) have at least to a certain significant extent, thrown themselves away (it is by a wonderful surprise that they find themselves quite whole, and more than that, warmed through by an interior fire not of their own making, yet wholly identified with their individual beings), while the secular cynics snarling about the Christmas folks' seeming hypocrisy and condescension are the ones lapping up their own self-indulgence.


Back in my personal dark ages - Protestant pastor, flailing, New Age Zen Iron John Men's Group Methodist - I admired GKC from afar.

Now, as a Catholic I can enjoy what all that former tripe and piffle pointed toward as poor parodies of the true, good, and beautiful.

BTW, as poorly as the film "Prince Caspian" sticks to Lewis's narrative and motive, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" film nails them dead on. And no where better than in the Father Christmas figure (pictured). Cheers

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