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December 17, 2008


Mike Luster

very nice, with greetings from another Ozark house (in the Thayer/Mammoth Spring area).


Have you ever heard that St. Nicolaus punched Arius in the nose at the Council of Nicea? It may be a Christian urban legend, but I'd love to think it's true.

Tim J.

Well, Lydia, this certainly gives new depths of meaning to that famous poetic line, "...and laying a finger aside of his nose..."!


Good point! I was just listening to that poem this evening.

Sean P. Dailey

I read that too, Lydia. I love it immensely and I prefer to believe it's true. :)


Hello sir!! Its me, Zell. I enjoyed your article, and I actually read a book *ahem*.... The "Autobiography," of Santa Claus. I'll get back to you on the title... It seems to have slipped my mind... Well, Auf Wedersehen!

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