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November 18, 2008



My wife is amazing in that she can be productive — knit or crochet — while "watching" TV or movies. I'm trying to learn to do the same, to a degree, especially since it's too cold to work with clay in the garage now. She's into a lot more shows than I am. Right now, the only ones I really care to see are The Office and House.

We've watched a lot, though, on DVD this year. Sans the ads it's a lot more pleasurable experience. Part of why we watched so much is because I was under the weather a lot this Spring. For that, TV is great!

But, I agree mostly: Why watch when you could be doing? The other shows I've watched regularly recently are This Old House and The Old Yankee Workshop, both educational.

AND, as my wife would rightfully argue, there are good stories in good television. She is all about good stories (she's a VERY avid reader and wants to write a novel, some day). A television series is really like a book in digital form. The digital part of it, though, takes away the active use of our imaginations that reading begs.

We usually only have 2 channels here in the Ozarks. Every two years we pay for the el basico cable ($12/mo) so the wife can watch the Olympics, because of those two channels NBC is not a party. We're about to get rid of it again after this summer's festivities. . .

. . . but we know too that we can get them online, the ones we want. We have the luxury of a neighbor's open wireless connection, so we don't have to pay for cable to have high speed access.


Tim J.,

Did you really mean the following???

"Happier couples talk more, go to church more and HAVE MORE SEX."

Tim J.

Hey, that's what the article said. You can't argue with science... just ask a scientist.

Those happier, less-frequent TV watchers must be doing SOMETHING with all that spare time.

John Kasaian

Great post!

It is better to live life rather than to watch sctors pretend to live life on the boob tube.

It is better to see the world rather than to have a "talking head" describe a narrow view of the world on the news.

Thanks Tim, for this post!

Of course I'll still watch Fr. Groeshel and Fr. Corapi on ewtn!

J.R. Stoodley

For some reason an absurd thought came to me when reading John Kasaian's post. It was that what if there was an episode of some sitcom where the charactors just sat down and watch TV with very little conversation for half an hour. Pretty boring. Pretty clear waste of time.

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