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November 19, 2008



Tim J.,

"So, one human is worthless, but a lot of us together are important, for some reason."

This is nothing new; there always has been -- unfortunately -- the prevailing notion that "the death of the One to Save The Many" is ideal and logical.

In fact, many have in the past presented Jesus' death as being one of those instances to support this rather utilitarian claim.


Things will be particularly ugly if the Freedom of Choice Act ever clears. How much room IS there in Federal Pens?

J.R. Stoodley

Ran across an article today about how folks are talking about recreating Neandertals, by altering the DNA of a modern human "egg" (by which I'm guessing they mean zygote not ova) to match the genes of Neandertals, then gestating it in a woman's womb. Obviously the technology for that doesn't exist yet, but it's a scary thought.

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