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November 04, 2008



I can appreciate the tactility of Steampunk, real and/or implied.


Here's a keyboard to match that screen:

I likes the purdy. ^.^

Tim J.

That's some gorgeous stuff there, Foxfier.

Everyone should follow the link above and take a look at the detail shots of this ergonomic steampunk keyboard and compare it to the putty-colored plastic version.

There are two different worlds at work there, two opposite views of the universe. I know which one gets my vote.

J.R. Stoodley

Not a big fan of the first picture. The monitor is pretty, but pretty rediculous looking too. The keybord strikes me as ugly. Just old-ugly not new-ugly.

The second picture looks like something that could actually work, could fit in nicely in an office.

The keyboard Foxfier shared is my favorate, at least if a computor and monitor could be made to match, and could avoid the rediculousness of the first picture in Tim's post.

Although, I've noticed the computers themselves are not shown in any of these pictures. I doubt they could be made as elegant as the keyboards and monitors, though surely they could be improved upon.


Steampunk can be cool.

I write it, some of the time. 0:)


Hm.... Maybe if you make the computer with green-glass sides, and a lot of bronzing inside?


I've been loving this stuff in sci-fi, just didn't know that it had a name! Thanks!

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