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November 18, 2008



I'm not much better remembering to change into "work" clothes, although I've gotten into the habit of wearing an apron which has helped. I'm really hard on clothes, as my wife feels the need to point out ever few months.


I sometimes duck into the studio with the same intention, then realize I'll be staying for awhile and, crap, I'm still in my office clothes. Keep an apron and sweatshirt on hand for that, though a lab coat might be as easy for you...

Jim Jankengt

I would recommend not eating or drinking while painting especially if you are using real cadmium or lead pigments. You are flirting with some real health problems if you are ingesting pigments, IMHO.

J.R. Stoodley

According to a toxicology professor I had, small quantities of lead probably arn't as bad for you (or for children) as fear would make it. It's still a poison (as is cadmium but I don't know much of anything about that), just maybe not the great threat it's sometimes presented as by say the media.

For example, the idea that it retards brain development is probably not true. The correlation between lower average intelligence and growing up in houses with lots of chipping old paint quite likely is not a case of causation or at least is more complicated, since kids growing up in poverty have a lot of things going against them, like watching more TV on average to link it to the post above. However, we don't know for sure it's not true, so if there are non-lead alternatives we might as well switch to them.

Anyway, I guess I'm just saying that while Tim obiously should't be eating stuff he sees he's gotten paint on, I'm not sure strict laboratory conditions are necessary either, unless these paints are worse than I imagine they are.

Tim J.

I think in the case of cadmium and some other substances, there are concerns about cancer and that sort of thing.

Lead is a problem especially if inhaled, which is likely if you are sanding something painted with lead pigment (like a lead-primed canvas or panel).

Jim - when I've been painting I always wash my hands well before eating anything. I do usually have a drink handy in the studio, though. I have to be careful, though, not to accidentally dip my brush into the coffee instead of the turpentine.


Tim J.

"Another time, one winter, I went out to start my car to let it warm up while I ducked into the studio for a few minutes and ended up leaving it running for most of an hour. This is more of what makes me think I could be diagnosed with A.D.D. "

Based on what you've described, I don't think you have ADD; it seems more like "absent-mindedness", if anything.

They say geniuses (like eminent professors and what not) suffer likewise from this; you should be proud! ;^)

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