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November 05, 2008


Der Wolfanwalt

And here in the electron flesh (which come to think of it makes NO sense) is the exception that proves the rule that is Godwin's Law.

There is no difference between concentration camps and abortion clinics on a fundamental level because both egregiously assault to right to life inherent in human nature. Apt comparison, sir.


You know... I was anti-abortion before I chose to be Catholic.

I was baptized, sure, and it's not like my folks slacked on Faith, but we also were on a ranch.

I learned of abortion by seeing what's called a "pine needle abortion"-- when cows are so hungry that they eat pine needles, during a set time in their pregnancy, and they lose the calf. (never in the herds they worked on, but in the valley around-- I've been told my dad made a few folks pissed by calling the cops when cows weren't watered or fed enough for survival)

The calf is a bit bigger than a cat, no visible hair, but otherwise perfect.

You know what kind of effect it has on a kid to realize that OTHER PEOPLE will CHOOSE to do to their own babies what happened with those cows on accident?

Anti-Abortion is a baseline requirement when I vote because we don't have anyone running on a pro-
"sell your daughters" platform.


I think the importance and dignity and sanctity of human life supersedes pretty much all other considerations.
The other issues, while important (viz. gun control, lower taxes, health care, clean rivers and lakes), are secondary. If our right to life is not upheld, what else can we say belongs to us, by rights or by law or by anything at all?
The attitude one takes toward human life is fundamental. It's awful to think that in the future we'll be judged not by the color of our skin, NOR by the content of our character, but by our "usefulness" to society.

Sleeping Beastly

I too was opposed to abortion before I was ever Catholic. As soon as I got around to understanding the issue of abortion and thinking about it, it seemed that there was no way you could consider it anything but murder. I was briefly pro-abortion (for perhaps a year) in high school because I knew a girl who had one and talked to her about it and sympathized with her position. After awhile, I began to see the mess that abortion was making of her mind, and I began to return to my previous convictions. No teenage girl should be led to that kind of decision by the adults in her life.

I'm not exactly a single-issue voter either. I can't currently bring myself to vote for pro-abortion candidates but I can imagine situations in which I might.

When Obama was asked, "When does a human person become entitled to full human rights?" he answered, "That is above my pay grade."

I don't believe that he is too stupid to make that decision. I do believe that he is willing to sell that decision to the highest bidder.

I am quite confident that Life Issues are an excellent litmus test for determining a candidate's fitness to lead.

I'm afraid that Obama has only shown himself to be very fit to pander.

Jim Jankengt

Besides the toll taken on the unborn (which is reason enough to be against abortion) I am also aware of the toll taken on the survivors of abortion. Many women have abortions either before or after they give birth to children they keep. Whether these children know it or not they are survivors of a potential abortion. Why did they get to survive and their siblings not?

Can you hear the sound of the tremendous tearing of the American psyche? This is a huge emotional and spiritual price that we are ALL paying for: the luxury of people who do not want to be burdened with a child having the right to kill him or her. Depression, despair, hopelessness cannot be avoided while we continue to murder the least of these our brethren, not forgetting that Jesus said whatever we do to these we do to him. Lord have mercy. Although we don't deserve it.


Thanks for a very well written and thought out response. Thing is, according to other sources who are equally as pro-life as yourself, McCain was just as "incapable of thinking" on this particular issue.

Course, that's one of my beefs with American politics. You can't ever really get to know the man. Sure there's the voting record, the stumping, but none of that gets to the guy's heart. None of it can predict how they might act in office.

But, I suppose, it's the best we all have to go on.

Tim J.

As I have made plain here a few times, I voted for McCain with great reservations. I can't work up any great sorrow at the fact that he lost, but for the prospect of an Obama administration.

I voted for Huckabee in the primaries.

Yes, McCain had problems in the area of ESCR that lead me to believe he just - at bottom - didn't really get the philosophical nature of the abortion debate, which is a pity.

Like I've said, I voted mostly against Obama.

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