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November 14, 2008



This is the first: somebody actually proud of (and, indeed, proclaiming) their mediocrity! ;^)


No PBR for me. I managed to float some Guinness Stout on top of some Harp lager. I smoked an Arturo Fuente cigar to go with it. I am considering getting into pipe smoking. My father has a small assortment of pipes from when he occasionally smoked them.
Have you settled on a favorite tobacco?


Excellent suggestion Tim. I haven't smoked a pipe since I moved back east. I need to do so this evening.

Tim J.

Scott, I still pick up PBR in bottles occasionally, (when the budget demands it), but last night I enjoyed some Sam Adams Boston Lager and tonight I plan to try out the Boulevard Nutcracker Ale.

In the words of Chief Engineer Scotty, "I'll let ya know...".


Hah, congratulations, Tim! I give you an A+. I even told my husband to frequent your blog if he can, and that you underestimate yourself.


ScottD wrote:
"Have you settled on a favorite tobacco?"

Very Good Question! In a world run by "C" students, my favorite world-class blogger (and fellow pipe-smoker) certainly deserves a Christmas tin of premium tobacco!

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