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October 15, 2008



If 33 gallons is 'small beer' I don't even want to see a large; I'll go with a microbrew.


Glad you liked it, Tim.

Don't hold the handle "Gaia" against me-- it came up when I first bought a house and I liked so much having a garden. She was the Greek goddess of the earth. It was so nice to finally own my own patch of dirt.

Also, remember good ol' Ben Franklin--

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Tim J.

Hey, thanks, Celeste!

I wasn't familiar with this recipe before.

And like I said, I'm not the kind that would hold the "Gaia" thing against you.

Tree hugger.



I've seen a lot of people's interpretation of George Washington's small beer recipe get the first two ingredients confused as one. It should be "Take a large Siffer [Sifter] full of Bran" PERIOD "Hops to your Taste." In other words, take a sifter of bran (wheat bran was a common adjunct at the time), and then use as many hops as your palate likes. This recipe was written for himself in a kind of shorthand, hence the confusion.

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