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October 24, 2008



And once again, it's all Jimmy Akins fault!

My wife and I date the "Great Deepening" of our faith to the early days of Relevant Radio, and specifically to our discovery of Akin & friends' "Catholic Answers" radio ministry.

We also met Chesterton on Relevant Radio, at about the same time.


Ironically, one of the best Christian prayers was the one by Nietzsche himself:

"I have firmly resolved within me to dedicate myself forever to His service. May the dear Lord give me strength and power to carry out my intention and protect me on life's way.


He will preserve us all, that no misfortune may befall us.

But His holy will be done!

All He gives I will joyfully accept: happiness and unhappiness, poverty and wealth, and boldly look even death in the face, which shall one day unite us all in eternal joy and bliss.

Yes, dear Lord, Let Thy face shine upon us forever! Amen!"

From Aus meinem Leben (1858), quoted in Bruce Ellis Benson, Pious Nietzsche: Decadence and Dionysian Faith, Indiana University Press (Bloomington: 2008) p. 18.

Sleeping Beastly

"I had been infected with the gospel, and it had somehow taken root and made everything else pale and weak by comparison."

I love reading other people's faith stories. I didn't read the Gospels until I was past the legal drinking age, and I couldn't believe that I had let them sit there unread for so many years. Why hadn't someone *told* me that such a thing existed? But then, on reflection, many people *had* told me- I just hadn't believed them.


Yeah, those "cool" Eastern religions that advocate things like [child] rape (Tibetan Buddhism), and apply imagery depicting such on their temples.

At least, that's what I've been told by a man of faith who lived and worked there. Makes me really wonder about all of the Westerners who think so highly of Tibet and its culture . . . when they probably know nothing of it.


I have had many of the same experiences. I was a Catholic turned new agey "under any tree" christian. Then one day God started aligning the planets so that even I would recognize the truth of the Catholic church and come back home.

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