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October 28, 2008



Thank you for the kind words and the link. In fact it was your blog along with the book Inside the Vatican which inspired me to create my blog.

Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the thoughtful commentary.

Paul S.

"He seems to confirm that in our daily decisions and relationships we create something far more durable and significant than any conceivable work of earthly art could hope to be. Our life in Christ - that aspect of our personhood that is united with and animated by his will through the Holy Spirit - exists in eternity as something solid and distinct, like an everlasting sculpture we work on every day without realizing it. We shape it by our thoughts and actions."

God's blessings to you Tim. In 'Leaf by Niggle' we encounter the 'spiritual realm' as more real than our reality, as it should be. The tale is wonderful. Have you read 'Smith of Wootton Major'? That one has some similiar threads as niggle, but duskier and permeated with that Elven sadness. One of my faves.

Thank you very much for the generous words and links.

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