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October 14, 2008


Tim A Troutman

You're inspiring me to start my home brewery again... Those were the days. The old shop I used to get my stuff from has closed or moved so I may be ordering online...

I think you're right about your suspicions of the yeast.

Was it a dry yeast?
Liquid yeast?

Fresh dry brewing yeast is the easiest way to go.

Did you prepare a "yeast starter"? (Likely not... that's a yeast culture in a short pint of boiled malt, well oxygenated in an ehrlynmeyer flask and vapor lock.) This helps get the count of yeast cells from a liquid culture up to a good pitching rate.


No advice, but I do offer sympathy!


I'd put other yeast in, in hopes that it would go. But I'm a 'drink it anyway' kinda guy.

Paul S.

The work of the humble must often be done over again.

Or so I've read.

I thought one could make a yeast starter simply by putting the dry yeast into lukewarm water (very mildly lukewarm), stirring and letting it sit for a bit. Or maybe that's a 'yeast primer'.

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