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September 19, 2008



"In modern times, there is no better use for the Living Bible than as handy fire-starter . . . "

I beg to differ. It's also ripe to produce a good laugh. C'mon, Tim, who can't like a Good Book that uses words like "hepcat?" *wink*

Your commentary on sola scriptura is very interesting to me, and may end up being the one thing that — among the few I've been exposed to in recent months — that the Catholic church proffers which I can sympathize with.

I don't know Greek. I don't know Hebrew. I haven't been through Bible school or seminary. And, even as his contemporaries pointed out, Paul's writings aren't exactly simple! But this is only something I've begun to think about in the last year . . .

And there's Acts 17:11 talking about the church at Berea, where they examined the Scriptures every day.

The church I grew up in was based on that verse. Course, It doesn't say if they did this individually or as a group either.

Very interested to see where this series goes.


Excellent post, Tim (I'm sitting at my 'puter looking up at the bookcase where my bride's copy of "The Way" is looking back!)
I especially like your observation of the error of Sola Scriptura.
Thank You!

J.R. Stoodley

I'm pretty certain I've seen that bible before, though I never read it. Perhaps there was a musty old one on a shelf in the Methodist church I grew up in.


"And this, it seems to me, begins to bring into sharp relief the problem with Sola Scriptura, for what Taylor did and committed to paper with his Living Bible is what each individual Christian is encouraged to do in their individual bible study under Reformation theology - the final arbiter of the meaning of scripture is the individual (in all sincerity) and though they may be open to correction from others, no correction can have any real authority at all. Again, it is up to the individual to accept or reject it, based on their own idiomatic take on, well... the bible message in plain speech. Just me and and the Good Book and the Holy Spirit."

What's interesting about this comment is how even Luther himself (quite ironically) saw the shortcomings of Sola Scriptura:

"There are almost as many sects and beliefs as there are heads; . . . There is not an individual, however clownish he may be who does not claim to be inspired by the Holy Ghost, and who does not put forth as prophecies his ravings and dreams" - Martin Luther

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