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September 17, 2008



"I really want to vote for you and your running mate Sarah Palin, but your endorsement of experimentation on embryos has been the major impediment to that."

Preach it, brutha!

One of the more significant things that have been motivating a vote for him so far (amongst all the other factors mentioned previously) is what horrors portend for the multitudes of innocents when the headlines read:


One thing is clear: McCain is Anti-Abortion.

I believe by prayer, continued education about embryos, the Pro-Life constituency he is beholden to; these can make the difference and cause him to change his views to that of his original stance before Nancy Reagan got him to become Pro-ESCR.


Tim J.

Fellow Catholics across the U.S. are also having a difficult time deciding:

Abortion issue again dividing Catholic votes



SCRANTON, Pa. - Until recently, Matthew Figured, a Sunday school teacher at the Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church here, could not decide which candidate to vote for in the presidential election.

He had watched progressive Catholics work with the Democratic Party over the last four years to remind the faithful of the party’s support for Catholic teaching on the Iraq war, immigration , health care and even reducing abortion rates.

But then his local bishop plunged into the fray, barring Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, from receiving communion in the area because of his support for abortion rights.

Finally, bishops around the country scolded another prominent Catholic Democrat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, for publicly contradicting the church’s teachings on abortion, some discouraging parishioners from voting for politicians who hold such views.

Now Mr. Figured thinks he will vote for the Republican candidate, Senator John McCain of Arizona. "People should straighten out their religious beliefs before they start making political decisions," Mr. Figured, 22, said on his way into Sunday Mass.

A struggle within the church over how Catholic voters should think about abortion is once again flaring up just as political partisans prepare an all-out battle for the votes of Mass-going Catholics in swing-state towns like Scranton.

J.R. Stoodley

McCain's support for ESCR is the biggest thing that makes me hesitant to vote for him too. A reversal would probably tip the scales. Although I would wonder for obvious reasons whenther the change of views was authentic perhaps he would still stick to the new position while in office to avoid looking like a complete liar.

Unfortuately, though, it seems to me that so far it's just the use of pro-life language to obscure McCain's pro-ESCR stance to minimize the damage it does to him among pro-lifers. I don't want to be cynical, and perhaps the obscuring of McCain's position on the issue is because McCain is himself unsure about it now, but I'm afraid more likely this is just campaign strategy at work.

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