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September 16, 2008


Sleeping Beastly

It's interesting to see Europe losing its faith, while the faith seems still so strong in other places. It reminds me of Matthew 3:9. We keep falling into the same trap. We rely on God when we need him, and once he has granted us power and prosperity, we throw him by the wayside, thinking we can handle it all on our own. It's the same story all over the OT, and it's true of the nations of the world today as well. This is why I think Fr. Kmiec has it backwards: it's not economic prosperity that will enable us to be more moral; but if we seek first the Kingdom, all other things will be added to us.


You mean Doug Kmiec, the Pro-Obama guy?

If so, he's not a priest.

Not even in the least --

Sleeping Beastly

Wow, you're right. Where did I get that impression? 8P

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