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August 12, 2008




I've always been interested in personal testimonies, once thinking to compile them into a book. Count me in for part two . . .

And with respect to "the ideas and assumptions on which the meaning of my whole life hung, seemed to disappear above me into a mist, or curved out of sight over the rock that towered in front of me," I think this is a fairly common experience, but I'm not going to say any more till I see where you're going . . . or, more accurately, where God's taken you.


Dear Tim,

I hope my rope holds out long enough to get through your interesting The End of My Rope series.



The title of Tim J.'s post concerning his conversion is aptly titled: "The End of My Rope".

In other words, after having so converted to the throes of Catholicism, Tim J. hitherto contemplates on hanging himself on said rope as a consequence of it!

(sorry...couldn't help it!)


Old John Henry Cardinal Newman spoke of enough "illative" proof to tip one into full communion with Mother Church, and, as we've all heard, he told an inquisitive fellow dinner guest that he couldn't answer why he converted between two courses in the meal.

I'll always be an incomprehensible presence to my Evangelical family members. And I'll continue to shake my head and wonder what kind of church did Our Lord come to establish for all the world's peoples - some dinky little Midwestern fellowship? Uh huh. Right.


Always attentive and eager to listen to Tim's thought processes and ramblings. We're listening!


Tim, i'm hooked! So maybe you have a fishing hook on the end of that rope of yours and you are going to be something of a fisherman (a fisher of men?), reeling us in with your wonderful story.

I'm only up to the end of part one of 'The End of My Rope', but will read the unfolding sequel over the weekend as time allows.

Just want to say tho'

The Everlasting Man. When i first started reading it a few years ago i found it a bit daunting, don't really know why, 'Orthodoxy' hadn't exactly been a breeze but i had persevered and grappled with it and was glad i had by the end of the book.

I never did finish The Everlasting Man, but you've inspired me to consider picking it up again. I'm currently reading Cider with Rosie, then it's Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca and then i just might have a crack at the book by G. K. Chesterton that i never got around to finishing.



To ukok: Just to let you know I had a terrible time with The Everlasting Man also until I listened to it being read at the Maria Lectrix podcast. Much easier to understand and then I was able to go back and read it. I find if I hear it first, then read it myself it makes more sense. Not sure why.


mil, thanks for sharing that.

I just might see if i can find something like that podcast online to listen to.

I'm very much the same. Also visually.

Like recently i read Sense and Sensibility and it was so easy to read because i had already watched and greatly enjoyed the BBC DVD of the same.

Thanks for the tip!


I have to share this...thanks to Mil's suggestion i did a google search for The Everlasting Man in Audio form and i discovered this


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