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August 21, 2008



"I promise to be as concise as I can from here on out. I thought it kind of important, though, that readers understand not just my religious background, but some of the cultural background as well, along with my own individual quirks of thought."

Indeed, so please don't provide us with an 'abridged' version. That won't be doing justice to your conversion story.

"I must have been a couple of miles from our house, walking along the highway, when I saw something laying in the grass at the side of the road, almost in the ditch. I bent down to look. It was one of those "living bibles" for teens called The Way, a modern translation... just sitting there, well, in the way. I'm not saying that I got goosebumps, but I did feel (and still feel) that Someone was giving me a nudge...I started to read it often, as I felt that God had handed it to me personally..."

Now, I wonder if instead of a bible; if that were a playboy -- but I digress...

"It was like the Gospel According to the Monkees."

Davy Jones just happens to be a particularly fine evangelist, y'know?!

"...I went through phases of trying hard to live a good, Christian life, and then blowing it off for various selfish reasons. Sometimes I just wanted to get away from the struggle, the tension between the two. I didn't want to be bad, exactly, I just wanted to quit worrying about being good."

Sometimes, you have to be bad in order to become good -- take S/Paul's story; you'll catch my meaning (cf Christ's focus in the Gospels on the 'sick' rather than those who are 'well').

Tim J.

"Now, I wonder if instead of a bible; if that were a playboy..."

Right, or a copy of The Turner Diaries! I might be sitting in some dingy, isolated cabin making pipe bombs right now.

No, I never figured it for a bona fide miracle, but I didn't feel like it was easy to dismiss as a mere coincidence, either. Let's just say it came along at a time when I was primed to be most affected by it. A Playboy I would have figured as nothing very surprising.

Actually, in that area, finding The Turner Diaries might not have been that surprising, either.


Tim, i'm finding your story thoroughly intriguing...share more as you are able to, please :-)

The Bible in the ditch.

Makes me wonder how it got there. Had someone 'had enough of God' and tossed it from a moving vehicle.....had a traveller spent the night in the ditch and not taken it with him when he awoke...had a 'bible delivery truck' been travelling nearby when the wind took up and lifted the Good Book of the truck only to have it place itself in exactly the area you were walking...what if the driver had gone a different way...

There are endless possibilities...each a story in there own right...i wish i could know more about who that particular bible had belonged to because i'm interested in things like that...but no matter what, I believe God orchestrated things so that you would come across that Bible that day.

If it had to be lost anywhere, why not in your pathway :-)

When i think of signs and the times and the people that God has orchestrated into my own life it just astonishes me that He loves me so much not to let me stray so far from Him that i never come back.

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