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August 19, 2008



Tim said:

" turned it up so Mom and her friend Pat could hear. She made a face, "We don't like that kind of music".


I didn't get it. I thought music was just music. I turned the radio down and listened carefully to the rest of Bennie and the Jets. Well, I liked it anyway. I kept listening to that radio station and began to hear all kinds of things I never heard before....

I had begun to consider myself "spiritual" more than religious (*gag*) and church had become a complete bore... I mean, that music! And those clothes! How backward and un-cool. The Bible made no sense at all to me...

Then came the move to Arkansas, where all these problems were amplified.

As a result, I became insufferable...So I ran away."

See what happens when you listen to THE DEVIL'S MUSIC!!!!

David S.

The King James version......I kind of sympathize.

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