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August 14, 2008



"This was before anyone thought of going to church as any sort of entertainment."


"In many ways, the Little Country Church suited my personality very well. It was ordered, sedate and very plain. No shocks or inordinate displays of emotion."

This seems a very nice church. Ironically, this Baptist church seems more suited to my personality than some of the radical Catholic churches I know!

"It would take a pretty poor preacher, or a downright unpleasant one, to actually run people off."

Wait -- I thought that Baptist congregations could actually run the preachers off; i.e., 'fire' them if they didn't like them? At least, this was my impression from some of the Christian Witnesses at the Coming Home Network.

Tim J.

Well, yes, e., that's true. If a preacher was unpopular, he could find himself out on the curb. But that was a pretty drastic step. I think probably "running people off" was often a precursor to the preacher getting the boot.

In general, the congregation wanted a solid man who didn't make waves.

One thing I meant to mention was that I remember some very simple and sweet Christmas Pageants in these little churches. I have always loved Christmas, and part of that probably comes from my early experiences celebrating Christmas with wise men wearing bed sheets and everyone singing "Silent Night".

The glow of nostalgia might figure pretty large in there, too. When you're eight years old, everything seems pretty good, decent and pure - or did to me, anyway.

The Aesthetic Elevator

The idea of personal salvation is interesting in the context of our overly individualistic culture and in comparison to cultures that are more prone to group decisions. This is an interesting thing to ponder for us who work in missions. In Acts there is an example of an entire family turning to Christ. Entire people groups work similarly. I remember, in the news of all places, a group in India that was changing its religion. A group of tens of thousands. IIRC they were Hindus and considering either Buddhism or Christianity.

They chose Buddhism.


Except that my background was E.U.B. and then United Methodist, it sounds similar:



Howdy Tim!

I just say that I am enjoying your story very much. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

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