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August 25, 2008



I once decided that running cold water over my carboy would cool my wort quicker. Only my carboy was glass. Needless to say, it shattered, sending my dark brown nectar right down the bathtub drain and leaving me with a tub full of broken glass. Duh.

Tim J.

Wow, thanks, Elijah! Now I feel smarter!


"I took the plunge, yesterday, and finally got back into home brewing."

That's it -- I'm gonna tell on you and have Boss Hogg sic Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on you!


Agreed, burnt wort is not fun. The homebrew shop I used to go to had a propane burner setup that you tend see with turkey frying setups. This one had an air control so you could keep a good blue flame on the pot and not soot it up. They also had a nice copper tubing setup that connected to the faucet and was immersed in the wort so you could cool very quickly. Of course these things cost more than a few bucks and unless I brewed all the time I couldn't justify the cost. The important thing is to just keep brewing. You'lll never taste a fresher beer than the homebrew.


Fascinated with the process but know nothing about it. Few friends over Siloam way involved in their own brews, one of which has been in Oxford the past two years. He's ended up with brewing for a local pub over there that likes to have guests brew for them. Pretty cool.

On a less fun note related to wheat based brewing, we're wondering in my household if my wife isn't allergic to wheat, or even suffering from celiac's. No more beer for her; course, the only beer she ever liked was a Lambic anyway, but she did give our friend's home brews a whirl when we had opportunity.



Locally in Milwaukee Sprecher Brewery brews beers using sorghum and millet. This makes for a gluten free beer. The beer was flavorful even if it was unconventional. If nothing else a sorghum beer could be a nice change from the vino.

Tim J.

Paul -

Oooh, I'll be praying for your wife's problem. Sounds like no fun at all.

Once this batch is ready I'll have to let you try my home brew, that is if your health insurance is current.

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