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August 07, 2008



Where in NE does your brother live?

Tim J.

Ogallala, Paul. Just about three hours from Denver.


Aye; I grew up in North Platte. We traveled to the Lake McCaugnohay with some regularity, and I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong . . .

How'd he end up up there, if I may ask. Or is a better question how did you end up down here? I guess I don't know where you grew up; if that's more personal than you want to get in this public forum I'll understand . . .

Tim J.

My brother moved to Ogallala for his work. He's in radio (having started as a DJ at the age of 16), and is also a kind of whiz-bang, self taught electronics engineer. He can literally build you a radio station from the ground up.

He now works for a company that makes the systems and software for a lot of the fully automated radio stations you hear so much around the country.

We grew up in Alaska, but the folks were from Northeast Arkansas/Southeast Missouri. They moved the whole family back to Arkansas when Dad retired. I met my wife at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, and we went to Fayetteville for our graduate degrees and just never left. It's a pretty nice area of the country.

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