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May 19, 2008


Adam D

well said! I got involved in the same scam myself, a couple months back, though I didn't give the fraudulent check to the FBI. That's pretty awesome.


Oh Tim, you did it again. your comparison to lutefisk had me LAO. Your charity at telling it like it is to this dismal soul made me think.

John Kasaian

Great response! Thats one of the most bizarre scams I've ever heard of!

J.R. Stoodley


Tim A Troutman

I had the same thing when I was selling German Shepherd puppies. Someone in South Africa wanted to pay me like $6,000 a piece - didn't even ask for pictures lol!

They should have a Saturday Night Live sketch or something where there really is this rich prince in Africa who just cant figure out why none of the Americans will accept his generous offer.

BJ Buracker


That's a fabulous idea about SNL. I'd love to see that.

Tim J.,

Great post. Very well handled.


Tim J.

The SNL idea IS terrific. It sounds funny, already.

Keep your eye on SNL, Tim, and if you see a skit like that, demand royalties.


I don't recommend giving real information to scammers on where they went wrong. They will learn and make their next scam a lot more believable and will definitely hook more suckers in the future. This is not something you want them getting BETTER at.

No, I recommend "Re-Neducating" your scammers. They're just as gullible as their victims, so why not make their success harder to get?

You need to tell the scammer things that will make his scam even MORE unbelievable, that way fewer people fall for it. Yes, you didn't fall for it, but enough people fall for it to make it worth his while.

For example, recommend that he call all his customers by [insert insulting name] because people from [insert country you're from] consider it a form of honor. The next victim will be insulted and be turned off by the scam easily :)

Also, I recommend checking out "419 scam" websites on more tips on how to "re-Neducate" your scammers :)

Tim J.

You know, I thought of that, Bob... right after I sent the thing.

Still, I wanted to get the word out about this particular fraud. I just heard from the Oil Painters of America (a professional association I belong to) that a number of their members have been hit with the same scam.

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