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April 07, 2008


The Aesthetic Elevator

I'm not a fan of most beers, but I still like trying home brews. After you get set up, I'll have to find an excuse for you to come over to Siloam *wink*

J.R. Stoodley

Tim, you should blog on your favorate commercial beer, if you have one. I've developed a liking for Guinness lately. Also I like New Castle Brown Ale. But I'm really I havn't tried all that many kinds.

Also separately (especially if he is fairly young) how old is your son by the way?


Forbidden Planet was cool. A quick Google showed NewLine has the rights and have the remake on the fast track. This of course was from an article written in 2000.
Homebrewing is fun and rewarding. The only batch I made that I didn't like was a hazlenut brown ale. The hazlenut flavoring came from a packet with the recipe and totally overpowered the beer. Good luck on the brew.

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