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March 05, 2008


Smoky Mountain

Do get outdoors

Easy for you to say. You don't live in Michigan.


Yep. We're still locked in frozen Wisconsin tundra.

Tim J

Hey, I grew up in Alaska, so I sympathize.

And I've never liked the cold, But I do remember strapping on cross-country skis and, even though it was a lot of work and bother, it was always rewarding. Standing in the middle of a spruce forest in mid-winter, with a foot ot two of snow all around... well, the silence is incredible.


I took a walk today myself. Met up with 2 birdies. (And 2 double-bogies).

Tim J

Mark Twain said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled.".

This is especially true when I play.


Golf is a way for those who don't have kids to experience frustration.

J.R. Stoodley

You make me really want to get out of the city. Still, there is enough beauty of nature here. The sky wasn't completely cloudy yesterday for a change, so there was a beautiful sunset. And there are trees and grass and stuff, and still some snow. No signs of spring yet except that you can see some of the ground. Also lots and lots and lots of crows. Some cities have pigens. Syracuse has some of those too but swarms of crows.

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