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February 13, 2008


BJ Buracker

Wow. I could believe it is "Christian" in a certain sense. I remember being sold Christian T-Shirts in high school that had a picture of Jesus jumping and read, "Air Jesus." Hmph.

It appears to me that much of our Christian pop-culture has become too pop and not enough Christian. Fads, bracelets, T-shirts, music, etc. are the signs of "true faith." Not chastity, holiness, devout beliefs, or even church attendance. This stuff really frustrates me, especially with how popular it become so fast.

Good post. Thanks for bringing this to light.

BJ Buracker
Stupid Scholar


From what I understand, this is and Asian product, and knowing a little about Asian culture I believe it's perfectly possible that some well-meaning but clueless non-Christian company thought this would be just a dandy idea.
On the other hand, this sort of casual mockery is certainly prevelent in many areas -- starting with cross-shaped nose rings, and heading quickly downhill.

Tim J

The NPR story linked in the TAE post says it is an American product, though the story blew up in Singapore.

To me, the line pretty clearly lampoons Jesus as American Cultural Icon.

J.R. Stoodley

My first thought was someone was making a mockery of Christ. My second was that this was a Cru/Jesus Camp kind of Evangelical thing. In either case a product of a very sick mind.

If this was produced in Singapore though I bet it was just East Asian ignorance and bad taste. I've seen it before for example in a facebook Christmas Tree application developed in Singapore. Similar spirit, born of sheer ignorance and cultural difference, greatly improved with Western feedback.

J.R. Stoodley

Oops, misread some things. Hmm, guess that leaves secular stupidity or Evangelicals.


Sorry! Need to check my assumptions! :(

Anyway, this stuff is made by a US co. called Blue Q and there is no doubt, judging from their other products that they intend to be fully, grossly, and in-your-face disgusting and anti-Christian.

BJ Buracker

I'm not sure I ever expected to believe that something was anti-Christian, but in this case I am. Thanks for doing the research Freddy, Tim, et. al.

Stupid Scholar

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