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February 08, 2008


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I've grown tired of the "it's not a sacrifice for me, so I don't bother." If people could only hear themselves.


I've grown tired of the "it's not a sacrifice for me, so I don't bother." If people could only hear themselves.



I thought you only got out of skipping meat on fridays for non-Lent by sacrificing something else.

My family always gave up the Friday meat AND something else. (chocolate for me, this year)

PS-- my family is a bunch of ranchers.

John Kasaian


I thought the only time a rancher tasted his own beef was when he goes the the nieghbors ranch for a B-B-Q?

I give up red meat entirely for Lent except for St. Patrick's Day corned beef & cabbage. I guess that makes me a weasel of sorts!


It's a sacrifice all right. Especially when you spend Friday afternoons working at a fast-food restaurant...

Though I like the comment about the "fellowship with other Catholic Christians past and present." I'll have to think of the olden-day butchers and innkeeps who had to abstain from meat on Fridays, as I watch people eat chicken and fry bacon all over the place. It'll give me moral support.


Sean P. Dailey

"C'mon... God won't strike me dead if I eat meat"

I hear the same excuse from some people who skip Mass on Sundays, and I have alwys found it to be especially grating. It displays real and lamentable thoughtlessness in, to me, two ways:

1. It betrays a shocking lack of love for God, I mean real vomit-inducing lukewarmness. It's like a man saying, "My wife won't strike me dead if I ogle other women." Maybe not (or maybe so, lol), but she sees it, and it hurts her greviously.

1. It shows an apalling unwillingness to think things through. No, it's possible that God won't strike you dead, but then there's that parable of the wheat and the chaff, and what happens to the chaff at harvest. Do you really want explain such an attitude to God after you're dead?

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