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February 05, 2008


The Aesthetic Elevator

Will have to check this out ;-}

Scott W.

Also try "Smith of Wooten Major". Tolkien said he disliked allegory, but this one always struck me as pretty darn allegorical.


'The Tolkien Reader' contains 'Leaf by Niggle', 'Farmer Guiles of Ham', the essay 'On Fairy Stories' as well as lots of AWESOME poetry, some featuring Tom Bombadil. Buy it!

J.R. Stoodley

The Tolkien Reader is awesome, and unlike most of this secondary Tolkien compilations was published in his lifetime so we know for sure he approved.

Don't forget it also includes 'The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm's Son'. It is one of my favorates and my theory is it among other things reflects his own inner conflict between his attraction to the old Germanic paganism and Catholicism.

Scott W.

On a related note, John C. Wright linked an older article on Tolkien, Jackson and pagan hopelessness here: http://lorenrosson.blogspot.com/2005/07/tolkien-vs-jackson-one-mans.html

I found it thoughtful and while it was critical of Jackson, it wasn't piling on like I see in many anti-Jackson screeds.

Justin West

Here is the text:

Tim J

Thanks, Justin.

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