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January 23, 2008



Thank you for this super post! I used to be rather a shy, bookish, ladylike thing -- now I have seven boys and I know how to YELL! Neither my husband or I are sports-minded, but like you have found that our children have drawn us out of ourselves and into their interests as they develop. We all enjoy a good book, but with so many there's plenty of variety! Reading to them and with them is one of my greatest pleasures as a parent.

John Kasaian

I read the whole Little House series to my daughter at bed time and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! I'll always cherish those memories.


My 5 daughters and I are reading through the Little House series as part of our homeschool day. We're in the middle of The Long Winter right now. January is a perfect time to read this book! We're completely enjoying being snug and well-fed in our home while reading about the hardships and resourcefulness the Ingalls Family and other Pioneers had. Thanks for the great post!

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