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December 17, 2007



You're right about his songs being complex, Tim. Many years ago, I bought the sheet music for his "Phoenix" album. Several times since, I've tried to learn some of the songs on guitar. They're far from your basic G-C-D songs(what a friend calls "Horsey-Duckie Chords", after an old "Peanuts" cartoon). May Dan rest in peace.


It was just within the last year or so that I used Dan's music as an example for my nephew, then 9. We were discussing his choices in music. I as explaining to him that one of the things I dislike about rap (among many) is the total lack of imagination I find. If you take out the foul language, most of it is gone and what's left is boring. I used Dan's music as an example. He could write about anything-- and he did. I told my nephew about "Run for the Roses" among others. Songs about things other than sex, drugs, and violence, with lyrics that were thoughtful. It made an impression. Even though my nephew still likes rap, he has expanded his musical interest. His collection also contains Bach.

So Dan, whereever you are, may God bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face shine upon you. And may He bring you to His presence and grant you peace.


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