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December 25, 2007



Here are some I like:

By Murillo

By Gerrit van Honthorst

Federico Fiori Barocci

Mrs. Raney

Hi Mr. Jones,
These are indeed beautiful images of paintings that you have put up. I just wanted to make sure, in case you didn't know, that you need direct permission from the Art Renewal Center Museum in order to re-use their images for web viewing. Here is the direct quote:
“The images compiled by the Art Renewal Center for artrenewal.org and the ARC Museum including the hi-resolution views are for on-line viewing only. These are not to be reproduced in print or for web viewing without the express permission from the Art Renewal Center. If you would like to use our images, please contact us at info@artrenewal.org,” (ARC, d.u.).

I am not trying to be irritating, only helpful. The only reason I noticed this is because I wanted to use one of their images for a project for my masters degree in library science and am now waiting for their permission.

I hope this is helpful as I did not want you to get in trouble for copyright infringement.

Mrs. Raney

Mrs. Raney

Works Cited:

ARC. (d.u.). Visit the ARC Museum. ARC. Retrieved on December 13, 2010 from http://www.artrenewal.org/pages/search.php.

Tim J.

Thanks, Mrs. Raney, but I found these images online at places other than the ARC website. The Sassoferrato, for instance, is not available at the ARC.

While the ARC does own the reproduction rights to their individual scans of these images, they do not own the copyrights to the works themselves. They are in the public domain.

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