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December 13, 2007



Superpowers for police on World Youth day is great. Much better than the local police here, who recently formed a 'sexual assault team' according to the paper.


So what are the Swiss guard doing in the meanwhile?

Tim J.

"Much better than the local police here, who recently formed a 'sexual assault team'..."

Oh, man!, that's just... amazing. Thanks for the laugh.

They used to call those "gangs" didn't they?


Really, the defense of the pope is no laughing matter...especially for THIS pope! It is not only radical Islam that might hate him, but also countless liberals out there who might fear his persistant, orthodox reforms in everything Catholic.

It doesn't matter if the event is a youth event! We see in the news almost every month some form of school suicide/mass murder, and most are caused by kids who want to be famous/notorius!!

The Pope needs to be more careful than ever in this type of event...as it is exactly this type that his 'guard' would most likely be 'let down'.

Thumbs up to the Aussies for their wisdom and diligent care!!

Tim J.

Good points. If I remember correctly, Australia had some problems with a small but bothersome contingent of radical Muslim youths back during the Mohammed cartoon debacle. Similar to the unrest in France, but far smaller. Still...

J.R. Stoodley

Somehow I doubt that, superpowers notwithstanding, the Australian police will be less intimidating than the German police at the Papal Mass in Cologne, with their army uniforms and big guns and Germanness and all.

I agree that a gathering of young people is likely going to be as dangerous if not more so than a gathering of Muslims would be.

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