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December 12, 2007



Merry Christmas, Tim.

And to the sensitivity police, I say: Happy RamaHanaKwanzMas.


What??? Common Sense? What is the world coming to!


Very, very heartening story, I'm so glad you shared it. The world has not gone completely insane after all.

It was good of the reps of the other religions to speak out like that. I suppose they realized that if the religion had to be taken out of public celebrations of Christian holy days, then their holy days would be next.

J.R. Stoodley

I had a chashier in my campus's Student Center dining hall say "Mer...Happy Holiday" to me today.

I was slightly amused. I don't blame her at all for (trying to) do the happy holidays thing, considering the campus is about 40% Jewish, and packed with liberals besides.

Rashminder Kaur

Hello Mr.Tim,

Merry Christmas...and I just want to say I am a Sikh from India..and I love Jesus from the bottom of my heart..as much as I have loved my own Guru...I love Buddha too and find the same light and love in all...i have learned from all of them...my heart delights in reading about their teachings and their journey...we are all children of the one lord..and those who are seeing differences..are just deluded...we should wish them guidance from the providence...I loved this post...thank you...and Merry Christmas :)

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